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The Workshop


What you get

  • To follow the project constantly, beginning with our work together on the design, the specs, etc. and all along the production process as I send you pictures of each of the steps of my work.

  • A 100% custom guitar: the only limit is y/our creativity (and a few of the laws of physics).

  • Carefully sourced wood which has a history, a soul.

  • Huge possibilities for personalising the guitar: design, finish, aged looks, inlays, pickups…

  • A cautious choice of part-providers

  • A craftsman’s know-how for contemporary guitars

  • Constant availability for follow-up services.


  • Craftsman’s work: the guitars are built one by one, by hand, in my small workshop in the Tarn near Albi(south-western France)

  • Rare and exceptional woods: 5000-year old fossilised morta (bog-wood), Honduras mahogany crotch, black & white ebony, all sorts of exotic woods… But also lesser-known French woods: fruit trees with excellent acoustic properties as well as ash, maple, oak, birch and willow burls and crotches.

  • The woods I work with have all been dried for at least 5 years.


  • A crucial step for aesthetic reasons: I pay a lot of attention to it.

  • Polyurethane or nitrocellulose lacquer available for shiny, matte or satin finishes.

  • For me, very thin satin or mat finishes are those that respect and showcase the wood best.

  • “Vintage” finishes with a light or heavy artificial aging are available.

  • An oil finish is also possible, for the most pleasant feel of the wood-grain

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